24-365 Service system

24 hour response.
The equipment is stable for 365 days.

The company responds to pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service 24 hours a day, and establishes a perfect after-sales service system, so that our service will always be at your side!

Technological innovation

Jingling spirit creates quality

Jingling Bocheng has strict control over the quality of its products, and the never-ending innovation in technology has given the company the privilege of having numerous patents and authorizations in the industry. Quality changes the world, Jingling spirit has always been accompanied by our constant progress, explore the course of science and technology in a monument after another!

Welcome us customers to visit and negotiate business with us.
With the rapid development of the company and the continuous i...
  • 2018-09-24

    Mid Autumn Festival does not stop production, adhere to the first line, to fight i...

  • 2018-09-12

    Ten years ago, China's glass machinery and equipment manufacturers have not yet ma。。。

  • 2018-08-31

    In order to further tap the wisdom of the staff, encourage technological innovatio...

  • 2018-08-28

    August 22, 2018, Anhui Jingling economic high-speed four-sided grinding product pr。。。

  • 2018-08-24

    Then, chairman Xu Junhui concluded: "we feel that we are growing, gaining and unde...

  • 2018-08-17

    On the afternoon of Aug. 17, the 2nd New Employee Assessment Conference of Anhui J...

  • 2018-08-16

    In order to further enhance the awareness of fire safety and enhance our emergency。。。

  • 2018-08-07

    On August 7, the second quarter of 2018, the Anhui Jingling after-sales service pe。。。

  • 2018-07-26

    After strict checking and recommendation by grass-roots units and careful examinat...

  • 2018-07-21

    Anhui jingling Glass Machinery Co。, Ltd。 Booth number:。。。

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